Image Survivable Features – UCN

A UCN (unique coded number) is an ISF consisting of an encrypted code number printed on the face of the cheque.  We are delighted to be able to offer our Clients this facility.

There are sample cheques at the foot of this page showing UCN.

Security cheque components

  • Invisible UV ink : a specially formulated ink designed to use with security products that require laser infilling. A transparent varnish, with fluorescent properties, is applied to vulnerable areas and increases laser toner adhesion by 30%
  • Aqua ink : the image bleeds when attacked by solvent-based agents
  • Micro text : an ultra fine small font that is difficult to scan or colour copy
  • Security numbering : number options such as standard audit numbers, MICR line encoding, bleed through, invisible UV or multi-part crash numbering
  • Solvent ink : the image bleeds when attacked by solvent based agents
  • Thermochromic inks : which read heat changes for instant verification
  • UV inks : which create a pattern that can only be seen under ultra violet light
  • Watermarked CBS1 paper : only available from a strictly controlled supply and can feature a standard or unique watermarked design

Download a sample A4 cheque remittance (PDF).

Download a sample A4 three to view cheque remittance (PDF)

If you would like a hard copy,  just input your details and let us send you samples in the post by clicking here.