A leading pressure sealing solution provider, Bank Security Printing is also a major producer of different types of Pressure Seal forms. Pressure seal forms use strips of a special adhesive that is dry to the touch and can be used in laser printers. The adhesive is applied in a special pattern on a single sheet of paper and, under high pressure in a sealing machine, the adhesive strips combine to form a tight, tamper-proof seal.

The sealed mailer is ready to be mailed without the cost of an envelope – making pressure seal the most cost effective way to send printed information securely.

For all sorts of common uses, you can order from our list of stock forms. Forms are designed with different folding patterns to allow for single sided or duplex printing with content on the inside of the sealed mailer and address information on the outside.

Z-FOLD enables simplex printing of forms by utilising two full panels for information and the third panel serves as the outgoing address panel.

C-FOLD provides you with three full panels for information, one of which is fully enclosed and automatically detaches itself when the form is opened. This is ideal for cheques and remittance advice forms.

V -FOLD folds into a larger finished size, enabling you to add large inserts and more data.

CUSTOMISED folds like an offset V Fold

Bank Security Printing forms are available in a variety of different depths 112/3″, 12″, 14″ and 17″ both cut sheet and continuous.