Cheque Imaging – Our collaboration with specialist tech to provide automation of cheque, remittance and voucher processing

The financial sector is embarking upon a new initiative to capture the images of cheques and transmitting them electronically for payment, known as the Future Clearing Model (FCM).  The process will be managed by a central switch, which banks and building societies will communicate through to exchange images and data.  In order to capture cheque images from their clients, individual organisations will provide their own portals to receive customer data and images.

In order to facilitate this, we are proud to collaborate with a specialist technology company that provides a range of cost saving solutions for the automation of cheque, remittance and voucher processing.

They have introduced open Web and Desktop cheque scanning systems with the ability to capture images and data, extract information, add values and send items to your bank, or to the central switch.  Their systems can work in a stand alone environment, with a secured link to the internet, or as a secure portal with a number of clients that can be local or remote.  Using specialist cheque scanners or A4 document scanners, their systems provide image capture/archiving and retrieval solutions.  The systems are independent of the banks, and so, although they are compatible with your banks interface, will allow your organisation not to be locked in to your bank by using their products.

The cost savings for your organisation can be great, the process is fast, seamless and error-free, and the cheque clearing cycle reduces from 6 days to as little as 2.

Their product is completely scalable, growing to any size to support your business, accelerates payment processing while eliminating risk of errors.  It combines a versatile range of document scanners with industry leading processing software.

Our collaboration provides added value to Bank Security Printing’s clients.  Our clients are already using their products,  we would be delighted to tell you more, and if you wish,  to put you directly in touch.